Independent Contractor Classification and

Compliance Services Overview

HireGenics Compliance Service, is a knowledge-based offering supported by our proprietary software HGComply designed to evaluate your company’s existing independent contractors to determine proper worker classification and mitigate risk.

Ensuring Compliance:

       Keeping you out of the Rain

Compliance Umbrella

Independent Contractor Classification (1099 Analysis and Determination), is a flow-through service where HireGenics becomes the employer or agency of record assisting the contractor to become compliant and be paid on a Corp. to Corp. W-9 basis or as a regular W-2 employee of HireGenics. This service provides the employer increased protection against contractor misclassification issues while reducing the administrative costs of dealing directly with multiple independent contractors.

HireGenics uses its proprietary software HGComply to survey Independent Contractors (IC’s) related to classification risk. The toolset provides directional guidance related to how the IC’s should be categorized. Survey questions are built into HGComply for ease of use and are tailored to align with regulations depending on the geographic area and governmental compliance regulations affecting work performed at that specific location.  Our Legal Compliance team assures the adequacy of the questions in the survey for each country and region. 

The survey provides directional guidance associated with risk caused by regulatory compliance. The ultimate determination of status for classification is dependent on the proof documents provided by the IC.  It is the documentation that proves how an IC is to be classified.  HireGenics also provides the Independent Contract worker services that allow them to become a legal corporate entity and be paid on a Corp to Corp basis as requested. The process is performed in this manner such that, when audited, regulatory auditors will examine the documentation as the sole fact supporting classification.  HireGenics gathers and stores electronically and safely (encrypted) the appropriate documentation to support proper classification and successful audits. HGComply supports the gathering and storage of documentation that is specific to the region where the work is performed and does so with consideration to the type of work being performed.