Innovative Contingent Workforce Solutions

Payrolling Solutions

Built on a foundation of people, process, and technology, we provide full lifecycle administrative management of your workers.

Direct Sourcing Solutions

Easy access to a private, online community of prequalified talent at a cost point significantly lower than that offered by traditional staffing firms. You determine the worker population sources to add and we build your community.

IC Compliance Solutions

Mitigate risks, fines, and penalties associated with misclassification of 1099s/ICs/C2Cs. Our solution provides full indemnification and enables our clients to confidently engage ICs/1099s.

MSP 2.0 Solutions

Strategic solution to address and eliminate the many risks associated with decentralized contingent labor programs with transparency, cost management and thought leadership.

HireGenics Today

>98% Retention of Transitioned Consultants

350+ Average Daily Onboards

12,000+ Average Daily Headcount

10,000+ Talent Community Profiles

Approximately $300 Million in Spend Under Management



Why Direct Sourcing Makes Most Sense For
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Management Brief

Understanding the Value of Direct Sourcing: Accessing Higher Quality Talent Directly

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