Direct Sourcing Solutions

HireGenics is a recognized industry leader in the emerging area of Direct Sourcing. Our solution, HG Direct leverages your brand to “directly” attract contract talent. We combine the best in class Direct Sourcing technology with our best in class Talent Curation Program Management Office (PMO). Our solution is both flexible and scalable. HG Direct enables our clients to bypass traditional staffing suppliers and attract and engage higher quality talent at a lower total cost. The net effect is a better overall candidate experience, improved retention, shorter time to fill, better candidates, and a reduction in use and reliance on third party staffing suppliers.

The Technology

HireGenics is the service component of the solution. As part of our Direct Sourcing strategy, we have partnered with several leading direct sourcing technology providers. Our approach is similar to how best in class MSPs partner with best in class VMS technologies. Our preferred direct sourcing technology partners have integrations with all of the leading VMS providers and HireGenics has experience implementing with both the direct sourcing and VMS technologies.

Flexible Solution

HireGenics, in partnership with our clients, incorporates several options around how the services portion of the solution will operate. Our team provides guidance and flexibility to determine the best fit with each client to address sourcing, engagement, and management of the talent community and will work with you to develop custom roles and responsibilities within the program solution design. Our current clients’ direct sourcing solutions range from internally managed, hybrid approach, to full life cycle managed by HireGenics’ concierge curation team.

Talent Curation – Building Your Talent Community

The focus of our solution, regardless of design, is to give our clients access to known talent sources and then determine which of those known sources to add to your private talent community. Our curation team works in collaboration with you to engage those known sources to build the community. HireGenics’ white glove service and proven technology ensures proper communication, management, and the highest level of consultant care to create an empowered and engaged talent community. We handle the administrative and operational details of your talent community with the highest level of care and consideration for your brand.



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