MSP 2.0 Solutions

Next Generation MSP-Center of Excellence

HireGenics MSP 2.0 is a strategic, outcome based contingent workforce solution that focuses on accountability and value through collaboration with our client stakeholders and engagement managers. This approach differs from the transactional and reactive focus of a traditional MSP (MSP 1.0). HireGenics has changed how the MSP operates, how suppliers are managed, and how we work with managers and stakeholders. We staff our program management office/center of excellence with a senior level business executive (Technical Lead) with relevant experience across our client’s predominant labor categories. The Technical Lead is able to consult on a strategic level as the client’s contingent labor partner and advocate.

HireGenics MSP 2.0 increases the business value of the customer’s MSP investment through greater thought leadership, enhanced best practices, research, support, and training.

MSP 2.0 focuses on increasing business value with a drive to reduce the total cost of outcome based on the following tenets:

  • First-time quality – Hiring the right resources
  • Contingent workforce right-sizing – Hiring the right number of resources
  • Time to productivity – Ensuring resources are productive
  • Supplier accountability – Mentoring resources
  • Driving project outcomes – Tying resources to outcomes

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