MSP 4.0 Solutions

Transforming your contingent workforce
program from a transactional service to
a strategic solution.

MSP 4.0: Going Beyond Traditional MSP Solutions for Better Project Outcomes

HireGenics is taking a new approach to MSP solutions that keeps all the common functions of traditional MSP Solutions but goes a step further by placing labor category specific subject matter experts (SMEs) in our program office. The purpose of the SME is to partner as a peer with key stakeholders at a deeper level. 

Our SMEs  have real world experience in their respective specialties verses simply staffing and recruitment experience. This enables our PMO team to collaborate on multi-sourcing strategies and workforce planning to provide clients with:

  • First-time contractor quality
  • Contingent workforce right-sizing
  • Reduced time to productivity
  • Increased supplier accountability
  • Improved project outcome

The Value of MSP 4.0

First-time contractor quality – Hiring the right resources

Contingent workforce right-sizing – Hiring the right
number of resources

Time to productivity – Ensuring resources are productive

Supplier accountability – Mentoring resources

Driving project outcomes – Tying resources to outcomes

Your Proven MSP 4.0 Partner

PMO Team
Outcome Based Solution

HireGenics’ PMO team is built differently than most MSPs in the marketplace.  One of the key differentiators of our PMO team is the level of subject matter experts (SME) we engage to lead our program office based on the client and the key labor categories.


HireGenics partners with several leading VMS technology providers enabling our PMO to focus on attracting, screening and hiring the best contract talent.

Embracing Multi-Sourcing/ Channel Strategies

Make the shift from lower quality, higher cost, third party staffing suppliers to higher quality, lower cost, HG Direct contractors.

MSP 4.0 Differentiators

Strategic vs. Tactical

Most MSP solutions are driven by tactical functions and rely on bill rate management to drive optimization. HireGenics takes a strategic approach like no other in the industry.

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In addition to bill rate management, HireGenics seeks opportunities to incorporate multi-sourcing strategies and consults on cost benefit analysis in areas like direct sourcing, managed teams of contractors, and on-shore/near shore outsourcing. By truly partnering with business unit stakeholders, HireGenics has the capability to perform true workforce planning.

PMO Team – Specialty Experts

Other MSP solutions commonly deploy low to mid-level individuals with recruiting backgrounds into their program office. In addition to common procurement and/or recruiting roles,

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HireGenics deploys subject matter experts that will align you’re your predominant labor categories. As an example, in a heavy IT contingent labor environment, HireGenics deploys former CTO/CIO level individuals who are capable of understanding various scenarios in the world of Information Technology. These individuals partner with various leaders within IT to better understand their needs and then translate those needs to procurement teams and the supplier community.

Enterprise Solution Capabilities

Unlike most other MSP solutions, HireGenics is a part of a portfolio of specialized companies (ACS Group) with capabilities and experience

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to perform value-add services such as Business Process Consulting, IT Solution Based Services, SOW, BOT, IOT, Enhanced Staffing, and Off-Shore Application Development. Clients benefit by leveraging our collective experience and knowledge to develop highly customizable labor solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


A world in which your MSP partner anticipates your needs.

A world in which your suppliers are seen as partners and not adversaries.

A world in which your projects are done on time, under budget and with fewer resources.

This is the world HireGenics MSP 4.0 strives to achieve.

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