Our Diversity Commitment

Supplier Diversity Recognition

HireGenics received top supplier diversity recognition when named a National Corporate Plus® member by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) sponsored by our long-time customer, Abbott Laboratories. Corporate Plus is an unprecedented membership program for NMSDC-certified minority businesses of the highest caliber; less than 100 companies nationwide have achieved this status. HireGenics has held this status since 2016. Corporate Plus members have demonstrated their capacity to execute national contracts for major corporations and are nominated by NMSDC national corporate members.

HireGenics Diversity Supplier Partnerships

When choosing partners for your diversity supplier program, it is important to form relationships with diversity organizations that understand your company mission and values, and have the experience, size, and scope to meet your current business needs and support your future growth. One solution to consider is to partner with a large diversity supplier with national (or international) reach that can keep pace with the size of your operation. Working with only one or two large MBEs can save management time and resources that could then be allocated to tasks other than supplier management – reducing the number of diversity suppliers means fewer points of contact and a more cohesive and strategic relationship.

HireGenics is one of the largest diversity workforce firms in the United States. As a large MBE firm, HireGenics understands the nuances of providing and managing a diverse workforce, and has the resources and reach of a large, multinational firm to support your program at virtually all levels and locations.

To successfully develop a diversity program, your supplier partners should have proven experience implementing workforce inclusion strategies. Large diversity firms such as HireGenics may be the correct choice for your organization.

Case Study

Achieving Diversity Spend Goals

A global pharmaceticals and healthcare products company employing more than 90,000 employees across 130 countries was looking to improve management of its 300+ contractor payrollee population while improving diversity spend. By partnering with HireGenics, this customer was able to increase its Tier 1 diversity spend by tens of millions of dollars.

This success has helped the customer exceed its diversity spend goals year over year while continuing to improve the quality of its workforce management program and reduce overall program costs.

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