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Navigating Payroll <br />& IC Compliance

Hone your payroll strategy with exclusive tips from the latest HireGenics Podcast! Introducing: “Navigating Payrolling and IC Compliance,” a must-listen episode hosted by our esteemed industry experts @Ian Keffer, Sr. Director of Workforce Acquisition Solutions, and Kristen Schiffner, Vice President of Marketing.

Behind Closed Doors Decoding Background Check Practices

Performing a background check on a potential new hire is a common practice in today’s job market, but many candidates are in the dark about what exactly this process entails. Join host Valerie Quinata, SVP of Workforce Management Solutions at HireGenics, and special guest Sandra James, CEO of Private Eyes, as they reveal background check practices.

Interview Prep - Hiring Academy Series

Get ready to conquer your nextinterview with host Valerie Quinata, SVP of Workforce Management Solutions,on her new podcast, “Interview Prep”—part of our brand-new podcast series: The Hiring Academy. Dive into this power-packed podcast episode where Valerie spills the secrets, insights, and game-changing tips to ace your interviews like a pro!

Women in Technology - Acing a Technical Interview

Tune in to, 'Women in Technology: Acing a Technical Interview,' with Valerie Quinata M.Ed and Tiffany Bulowski (Nehring) and discover how women in tech are reaching new career heights.

Background Check Basics

Listen to this insightful podcast, 'Background Check Basics' to understand how exactly companies assess you in this HR exercise, Our SVP of Workforce Management Solutions shares information that will enable you to land your next job.

Resume Accuracy, Discrepancy, and Echo

Want to make sure that your resume does not have any red flags? Tune in to this podcast by a senior workforce management leader to find out what are these red flags and how hiring managers identify them.

Evolution of Direct Sourcing

Staffing industry leader, John DeWeerd talks about Direct Sourcing and how the business practice is evolving with time to provide customized talent solutions to businesses across the board.

Coping with Work Stress

We all have to deal with stress every now and then in our lives. Tune in to this podcast – Coping with Work Stress and learn from a mental health expert the tricks to keep workplace stress at bay.

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