RPO Solutions

Expediting a more equitable hiring strategy
and an inclusive culture.

Leveraging Technology and Innovation for Agility in Hiring

HireGenics uses a rich mix of technology, innovation, and talent analytics to get you the right talent within a quick turnaround time. Our highly customizable RPO solutions are designed to source, screen, hire and engage just the kind of talent that you are looking for. We have developed a service delivery model that aligns perfectly with your business goals, and recruitment needs. The RPO Solutions team at HireGenics works in tandem with you to deliver scalable and flexible services that ultimately boost the bottom line of your business.

RPO and Solutions Framework


End-to-end recruitment models
Source, screen, present models
Project-based recruitment
Talent Acquisition Augmentation
On-boarding and provisioning

Employer Brand

EVP development
Sourcing strategy analysis/development
Recruitment advertising campaigns
Social media strategies
Social listening

Project Recruitment

Volume recruitment
High volume hourly roles
IT technology driven projects
Retail and inventory projects

Direct Sourcing

Brand leverage for contingent roles
Candidate assessment and selection support
Dedicated program teams
Reduced cost per hire
Improved candidate experience

Six Facets of Talent Acquisition

Business Alignment

Market intelligence & competitor analysis

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Workforce Planning / Requisition Management

Critical role strategies

Voice of the Customer

Operating Models

Model Adoption

Employer Brand

Core EVP Messaging

Global / local /role differentiation

Consistency of EVP messaging

Competitive advantage

Careers Website

Recruitment Advertising Toolkit

Performance Analytics

Review KPIs to align with business/talent goal

Benchmarking KPI & SLA levels

Reporting Suites and Governance

Return on Investment

Vendor SLA’s


External Sourcing strategies

Agency Usage

Passive candidate strategies

Employee Referral Programs

Social Media strategies

Talent Communities

Technology and Recruiter Desktop

Technology suite and gaps

System capabilities & user adoption

Workflow & System integrations

Data storage and reporting

Compliance, privacy & security

Recruitment Process

Requisition management

Candidate Journey

End to End Process

Screening and selection tools

Offer management and onboarding touch-points

Overall Experience

RPO Differentiators

Optimum use of talent analytics and market insights for enhanced workforce planning

Innovative sourcing and screening processes for quicker access to the right talent

Use of AI-powered technologies and proven talent marketing strategies for faster
talent acquisition

Reduced hiring costs with minimum reliance on third-party agencies

A more equitable hiring strategy to build a diverse and inclusive work culture

Instant access to a talent pool for niche and in-demand skills

Risk mitigation through compliant hiring practices

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