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Client Audit Defense Experience

HireGenics has successfully defended multiple client audits with no fines or penalties levied at either the state or federal level. Additionally, the IC Compliance process has been continuously improved upon, reviewed and validated by our outside counsel.

Audit Support

In the event of an external audit incurred by our clients, HireGenics provides full and comprehensive audit support.
We provide material audit support and attorney-led defense and consultation to our clients on a wide range of important audit defense strategies and
topics, including:

Investigate the investigator. Step 1 in any good audit defense is to understand who is actually conducting the investigation, and to plan the defense accordingly.

Clean Up Other High Visibility Items. Auditor often times find other issues while on a work site. Doing the little things, like making sure all appropriate employment posters are posted in the correct locations and visible, is key.

Key Employees/IC’s. It is important to identify good witnesses early in the process, before the investigator arrives. Then, when the investigator asks to speak to a witness, they can be produced quickly and confidently.

Document Production. Do not overproduce documents. Produce the correct documents. And produce only those documents which are specifically requested.

Outside Subject Matter Experts. Outside, subject matter experts should be consulted, as necessary. Among other reasons, these subject matter experts help identify audit trends.

Strategy for Limiting Audit. Narrowing the scope of the audit can save a tremendous amount of time and resources, and potentially have a significant impact on limiting liability exposure.

Relationship with Investigator. Establish a strong and trusting relationship with the investigator early in the process. It only helps over the long run.

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