Supplier Support

Strong Programs Start with Successful Suppliers

We Focus on Your Success

An effective contingent workforce program requires close collaboration between the client, the MSP team, and the program’s suppliers and service providers – and this makes HireGenics continual focus on supplier success an integral part of our Extended Workforce Management/MSP strategy.

Because we are not filling roles directly for our MSP, we see suppliers as partners. We understand the challenges service providers face in a competitive MSP program and strive to ensure each supplier gets the return they need for the effort they invest. You can count on HireGenics to work with your team to understand your specialties and strengths and engage you for talent acquisition that falls within your wheelhouse and regional market.

For every delivery channel, supplier selection is driven by the specific talent acquisition needs of each client. Our goal is to ensure every client has rapid access to the professionals they need at every location, from suppliers with a proven history of quality, compliance, and accountability.

Invested in Our Partnerships

As a HireGenics supplier, we want you to thrive, so we’ve developed several effective processes for increasing communication and transparency in our programs:

  • Supplier Mentoring provides relevant, analytics-based feedback and industry best practices to enhance your delivery success and increase your program volume while providing the best talent quality to our clients.
  • Supplier Surveys allow you to give MSP feedback in an open environment, information that we use to make adjustments and improvements to our relationships and overall program performance.
  • Supplier Workshops give you an opportunity to discuss processes, strategies, and objectives with other suppliers to better align your delivery with program objectives.
  • Supplier Optimization is our process of making sure each client has the right suppliers and the right number of suppliers, to ensure that even in competitive scenarios, you’re bidding on requisitions you can win.

We work with the best suppliers in our industry – and with more than 120 active programs worldwide, partnering with HireGenics can be a great way to expand your business. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please fill out the Supplier Interest Form to provide us your company details.


If you’re a supplier from outside North America, please complete the Contact Form for our HireGenics International website here.

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Supplier Interest Form

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